Reference customer cases

Below you can find examples of some of the projects that Screentec has completed for our customers.

Case YTV / Durable User Interfaces

Transport in the Helsinki region

YTV, which is responsible for transport in the Helsinki region, launched a new fee collecting system in 2002. The objective was to extend the service life of the system and prevent disturbances. The user interfaces were made of remote readers and a simplified keyboard.

Screentec developed and manufactured the keyboard technology used in remote readers in co-operation with Buscom Oy (currently Fara Oy). The delivery included over 4,500 units located in busses, trains and trams. The EMFi keyboard technology film patented by Screentec has been proven to be highly reliable.

Case Nautor / Durable User Interfaces

Swan sailing yachts

Nautor Oy Ab is a Finnish boatyard producing large-scale, custom-made Swan sailing yachts with exquisite equipment. Salty seawater, moisture and individualised steering solutions set high standards for the various screens and user interfaces needed in the yachts.

Screentec supplies dashboard front panels to Swan yachts. The panels have been proven to be extremely resistant against demanding marine conditions.

Case PaloDEx Group, GE Healthcare / Medical User Interfaces

Hospital technology

The operating reliability of user interfaces used in hospitals is an integral part of patient safety. Increasingly tight hygiene standards require user interfaces to be easy to clean and resistant to strong disinfectants.

Screentec supplies user interfaces to the equipment manufactured by, for example, GE Healthcare and PaloDEx Group. Typical applications include anaesthetic, dental surgery, X-ray and mammography devices.

Case Honeywell / Durable User Interfaces

Special user interfaces

The graphics industry uses a wide range of user interfaces with several functions. The user interfaces are also often exceptionally large, and they have to endure vibration, colouring agents and chemicals.

Screentec has supplied custom made user interfaces to e.g. Honeywell’s graphic industry systems. The user interfaces include the required mechanics, electronics and integration in the control system.

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