Screentec Visor

KUVA: Tero Suutari
Screentec Oy will start producing a brand new Visor-product. The reason behind this move are the strong messages from the healthcare sector about the urgent need for various disposable products. 


The current crisis has forced many people and companies to change the way they operate and has disrupted normal supply chains. Worries about the availability of different disposable products for healthcare personnel and facilities have created worries on a government level. At the same time, countries are putting limitations on the exports of different gear and disposables, further exacerbating these problems.


Because of this, Screentec has decided to adapt its own production lines so that we are able to produce a new product, the Screentec Visor. We are also looking for other products which could be suitable for production on our production lines and with which we are able support the general public with during these trying times. In doing so we will not only guarantee Finland’s domestic production capabilities but also support existing healthcare supply chains.


The visors will be produced under Screentec’s own name, or upon request, sporting the name and brand of the customer.


The Visor will be fitted with an instructional sticker, which will give instructions on how to use it in both Finnish and Swedish. The Visors will be packed in resealable bags, with however many Visors the customer wishes per bag. These will then be packed in to cardboard boxes, fitted with a sticker with the following information in Finnish and Swedish: 


Screentec does not normally manufacture end user products, which is why we include the following instructions with these products: 

  • The Visor is a product, which covers the chin, nose and eyes.
  • The cover will have some space between the face and the surface, so it can be used in combination with eyeglasses.
  • The product is not CE-certified, and has not been tested in accordance with any standards. 
  • The product is not a medical device, nor can it be sold as a safety device or personal protection device.
  • The Visor doesn’t protect from chemicals, it isn’t impact proof, nor does it protect from biological agents or threats.
  • The Visor can be cleaned by using IPA, or similar substances.


We are unable to accept orders from private individuals, products will exclusively be channelled through distributors. We also sell directly to hospitals and care organisations.


Stay healthy and remember to take care of those close to you!


Projected initial production capacity is around 10 000 units per week. We will try to fill orders and deliver them as quickly as possible. More detailed delivery times will be available as production starts rolling. The production capacity can be increased according to customer demand and need.

Contact us for more information!

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