Privacy Policy

The European Union data protection regulation (2016/679) came into effect on 25.5.2018. Our company is obligated to follow its guidelines when it comes to handling personal data we gather.

Why do we gather personal data?

We gather data through our website to enable us to message you and respond to your contact requests, fulfill our legal and contractual obligations and to develop our business and website.

What kind of data do we gather?

We gather data through our website, and it’s contact form. The contact form gathers the subject’s name, phone number and email address.

Data management and release

The gathered data is exclusively handled by the appropriate personnel and is never shared without cause. Our personnel are instructed in data protection regulations and we operate according to GDPR guidelines when handling the data.

The gathered data is stored for as long as it is considered relevant, this depends on the nature of the data gathered.

Data gathered through our website is never shared with third parties or international organizations. The data gathered is solely for Screentec Oy’s own purposes, which are described above.

Right to personal data

We are obligated to follow the regulations pertaining to an individual’s right to the data gathered about them. This includes the right to withdraw consent, the right to access the gathered personal data, the right to have flaws in the data corrected, the right to refuse direct messaging, the right to prevent or limit processing of the data and the right to have the data transferred.

Contact information

  • Registry Holder: Screentec Oy
  • Contact Person: Roelof Aalpoel, Sales,