Medical Electrode Manufacturing

For over 10 years Screentec has been applying its’ knowledge and experience in the field of printed electronics to manufacture custom disposable medical electrodes for both diagnostic and therapeutic purposes. Because of our experience with electronics we are able to offer our customers the same high quality and reliability that we provide with our other products.

The following are several examples of fields in which these electrodes are used, of course at Screentec we are able to combine these measurements to accommodate disruptive and innovative new applications!

Use cases

  • Diagnostics
  • Medical measurements; EMG, ECG, EEG
  • Sports medicine
  • Iontophoresis pads
  • Stimulation
  • Wellness products


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EEG, ECG, Bio Impedance

These are some of the most common signals measured when it comes to wearable sensors. EEG is used for measurements on the head/skull area, most commonly with the aim of analysing brain waves. Currently Screentec Oy is developing an EEG solution in cooperation with the University of Eastern Finland (UEF) to see if it is possible to diagnose Bruxism (The grinding of teeth outside of chewing food) with the help of EEG signal analysis.

ECG monitors and patches have seen a huge surge in popularity in recent years. ECG attempts to measure heart rate and heart rate variability by analysing electrical signals gathered from the chest area of the subject. ECG measurement is a popular feature in fitness trackers and patient monitors, which usually vary greatly in size a shape, which is where our expertise in custom electrodes comes in handy.

Bio Impedance measurements attempt to analyse body fat content by measuring the resistance/impedance of the human body. The underlying idea is that fat has a higher impedance than muscle tissue, so the more fat there is, the higher the impedance. Bio Impedance is most often found in fitness monitoring solutions.

Therapeutic Electrodes

Therapeutic Electronic Nerve Stimulation, or TENS is a therapy that attempts to stimulate muscle tissue to aid recovery of people who have suffered an injury or those who suffer from (partial) paralysis. Not every affliction and application is the same however and sometimes you need electrodes in a very specific shape or form to best suit the recovery process, this is where Screentec comes in.

As a manufacturer of custom electrodes we are able to provide you with electrodes made to your specifications to suit the therapeutic application you have in mind.

Beauty & Well-being

In addition to being used in rehabilitation, TENS can also be used for beauty applications. One possible application is the stimulation of facial muscles with the goal of getting the skin to look smoother due to the increase in muscle mass. TENS has also been used in applications that attempt to train muscle groups during a person’s daily routines.

Another well-being application for electrodes is iontophoresis, which attempts to stimulate the pores in the skin to open them up and potentially allow creams and serums to be more easily absorbed by the skin. This also has medical applications and which could allow for non-invasive drug delivery mechanisms.

Electrochemical Sensors

Glucose strips are a well-known application of electrochemical coatings that allow us to measure blood sugar levels of a subject, however, thanks to new scientific developments a whole new field of wearable sensing is opening up.

One of these developments is the addition of coatings which allows wearable devices to measure the subject’s pH levels and even if the subject is suffering from certain viral or bacterial infections. Combining these techniques with traditional wearable sensors will allow for rapid diagnosing of subjects in ways unheard of until now.

Screentec Oy is actively looking for partners to develop new electrochemical sensor applications, some applications need a lot of research before they reach maturity and we feel it is important that they are realised.